Single Automated Business Exchange for Reporting During and After Disasters

The US Chamber of Commerce Foundation Corporate Citizenship Center (CCC) is committed to improving the efficacy of business philanthropy before, during, and after disasters. A critical first step in that work is breaking down information and coordination barriers between sectors.

That is why the CCC is now offering its members FREE subscriptions to a new Business Status & Needs System (BSNS) from SABER Institute.

Enrolling in BSNS gives you access to view business disruptions across the country so you understand how they may impact you and how governments may be calling upon you to support your community.

But more important than seeing is participating. After enrolling you will be offered the opportunity to register for a username and password to provide your own business status and needs. Collecting this information lets the USCCF show governments how to prioritize business in response and recovery. And that helps you stay open longer and get back in business faster.


BSNS is part of the Community Resilience & Disaster Response program and joins CCC’s other mainstay business continuity and resilience programs:

►  Resilience in a Box - help for business owners regardless of experience

►  Disaster Help Desk for Business - a resource to speak with experts
►  Small Biz Preparedness Quick Guides - trusted resources, catalogued


The Business Status & Needs System 

Getting Businesses Back in Business Faster

To get FREE access to the USCCF Business Status & Needs System from SABER Institute, fill in this form or send your request to

TERMS FOR information sharing THROUGH SABER

SABER enrollment means your organization is expected to voluntarily provide outage, closure, and restoration information in an agreed upon format at intervals determined by the provider for the specific purpose of (a) determining the impact of disasters on the business community and (b) enabling effective and well-coordinated management of the disaster. 

All members are expected to process, handle, and disclose other members’ data using like or identical procedures as the member uses to process, handle, and disclose similar data owned or generated by the member. 

Public sector partners are expected to consume information to determine the impact of disasters on the business community and to perform disaster management activities.  Any consumer of business status may disclose information obtained through SABER to third parties including private sector members and the public.

Providers of information through SABER, therefore, should have no expectation of privacy and are responsible for voluntarily submitting only information they wish to disclose. 

The data providing member is expected to review the list of SABER members (provided on the website) and the data provider has sole responsibility for awareness of these SABER members.  

Terms of Service

All status and company data is encrypted on the Google or Amazon Cloud and data-in-transit employs secure HTTPS transmission.

SABER provides no assurances that status data will be (a) obtained from members who voluntarily provide their status on their own schedule or (b) provided to members who use their own software to view the data or (c) available for visualization on SABER software as part of SABER’s no-cost acquisition, processing, and distribution of status data.  Any member or other organization that desires specific terms of services is invited to request a quotation from SABER.

The SABER Privacy Policy is available

For more information on SABER policies/procedures, contact