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information sharing THROUGH SABER TERMS

SABER enrollment means your organization is expected to voluntarily provide outage, closure, and restoration information in an agreed upon format at intervals determined by the provider for the specific purpose of (a) determining the impact of disasters on the business community and (b) enabling effective and well-coordinated management of the disaster. 

All members are expected to process, handle, and disclose other members’ data using like or identical procedures as the member uses to process, handle, and disclose similar data owned or generated by the member. 

Public sector partners are expected to consume information to determine the impact of disasters on the business community and to perform disaster management activities.  Any consumer of business status may disclose information obtained through SABER to third parties including private sector members and the public.

Providers of information through SABER, therefore, should have no expectation of privacy and are responsible for voluntarily submitting only information they wish to disclose.  

The data providing member is expected to review the list of SABER members (provided on the website) and the data provider has sole responsibility for awareness of these SABER members.  

Terms of Service

All status and company data is encrypted on the Google or Amazon Cloud and data-in-transit employs secure HTTPS transmission.

SABER provides no assurances that status data will be (a) obtained from members who voluntarily provide their status on their own schedule or (b) provided to members who use their own software to view the data or (c) available for visualization on SABER software as part of SABER’s no-cost acquisition, processing, and distribution of status data.  Any member or other organization that desires specific terms of services is invited to request a quotation from SABER.

The SABER Privacy Policy is available here.

For further information on SABER information sharing policies and procedures, contact

Our objective is to create a national view of food availability to help government and the industry better serve the needs of our communities in a disaster. 

We ask NACS members to provide their business locations.  Then, during an event, you can easily provide updates on your store status and needs using the SABER Mobile App or, if you have many locations, a spreadsheet.

NACS then can use this situational awareness about food availability to help governments help us. We can help governments get food to people when our stores are closed and we can get those stores opened as quickly as possible to get back to serving our communities as we always do.

To accomplish this we ask you to enroll now to join the National Food Supply System. Then register to get the mobile app and begin providing your business status and needs in an emergency.


The NATIONAL FOOD SUPPLY NETWORK HELPS CONVENIENCE and grocery STORES share information  ABOUT THEIR STATUS AND NEEDS that will help keep businesses open longer and get back in business faster