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SABER, the Single Automated Business Exchange for Reporting, is pleased to team with the Central United States Earthquake Consortium (CUSEC), the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and the National Business Emergency Operations Center (NBEOC) in National Level Exercise 2019. 

SABER is a member of FEMA's NBEOC and has provided business status to the NBEOC, FEMA Regions, states, and local governments in past events and exercises.  NLE 19 is the next major exercise to practice providing your business and infrastructure status more easily than ever before through SABER.

SABER is standing up a SimCenter to support the NBEOC, states, and local governments.  This is being done as part of a DHS, Directorate of Science and Technology, First Responder Group project.  The SimCenter has two roles:

  • On the input side, gather private sector business status in one of three forms of electronic submission which are then automatically distributed to authorized organizations.  This minimizes the burden on companies as they return to normal operations.
  • On the output side, provide that business status in multiple formats to governments and other organizations to use in their own software. This lets response organizations visualize and analyze the situation using the everyday tools familiar to them.  

SABER provides member companies two ways to participate:

  • Companies that desire an active participation in the exercise may directly use their SABER accounts to provide status as an automated submission, or an upload of a spreadsheet to the website, or using the SABER/SpotOnResponse mobile app.  
  • Companies that prefer a passive role can make their site information available to the SimCenter which will simulate operating status for those sites to support the exercise scenario.

There is no cost for either private sector or government participation in SABER.

Participating in NLE 19 permanently makes the company an operating member of SABER for future business disruptions, large and small.  SABER is always operational even for small, local, daily incidents and the resources of SABER are available to members for all types of emergencies.

If you would prefer to enroll by email, please send your request to

enroll to exercise in shaken fury nle19 and get the saber mobile app 

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