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Pandemic Practices for COVID-19

Learn How Area Businesses Have Stayed in Business to Help You Reopen Faster and Safer

the saber map is provided by spotonresponse as a service to the FOOD INDUSTRY

The SpotOnResponse mobile app and web application are business resilience tools for companies, store managers, and employees.  This version of SpotOnResponse is fully integrated with SABER to provide seamless business status reporting.  

Data is provided by SABER members under the terms provided on the SABER registration page and use of the data should be in accord with those terms.

SpotOnResponse can provide private and secure hosting of the SpotOnResponse mobile app and web application for both public and private sector organizations.  The SpotOnResponse mobile app provides status information about incidents back to headquarters and provides instructions and directions to remote members of your business community or response team.  Governments can use the mobile app and web application as a supplement to existing incident management and geospatial information systems and as a Virtual Business Emergency Operation Center to support your businesses and maintain business situational awareness.  

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NOTE about map content

Information displayed on the map is provided by Safegraph points of interest, SABER research and FMI - The Food Industry Association members and other food retailers. Use the Enroll or Ask tab to get information about using this data at no cost for non-commercial purposes.  To add your company to provide grocery, distribution, warehouse, or transportation locations related to the national food availability, please enroll here.