This gallery illustrates some of the recent applications of XchangeCore content packages for emergency management.  There are illustrations of how XchangeCore empowers GIS and improves operational collaboration with Common Operational Data to deliver the right combination of operational and geospatial information needed for collaborative decision-making.  

California Earthquake Clearinghouse Website

Developed for the State of Illinois by Argonne The Clearinghouse was formed by five federal, state, and private sector organization for the purpose of creating a central location for post-earthquake geologic, engineering, and response analysis.  To develop a "Virtual Clearinghouse" they turned to XchangeCore and the mobile app, SpotOnResponse.  Here XchangeCore data populates a public website with a high-level view of emergency response while Clearinghouse Members gain additional insight through more detailed data available only to them.

NEMA and IAEM Public Private Partnership Portal Innovates with SABER Status 

Eric Kant, a long-time friend of XchangeCore, provides insight into SABER status reporting through XchangeCore.  Eric turned the resources of his to supporting the National Emergency Management Association and International Association of Emergency Managers in the development of an extensive Public Private Partnership Portal.  He chose SABER status information provided through XchangeCore as one way to provide analytics about the impact on the commercial sector and show restoration of services.  

Florida Virtual Business Emergency Operations Center

The Florida Division of Emergency Management, through the Office of Private Sector Coordination, supports interactions between government and the private sector.  The FLVBEOC portal allows businesses to register and report on their business status.  For national footprint retailers, teh FLVBEOC draws on business disruption information provided through XchangeCore.

Georgia Emergency Management Agency 

Robbie Bagby, GIS Manager, when it became clear that Hurricane Irma might impact Georgia, jumped into action to use XchangeCore to integrate SABER business status.  Using ArcGIS Online tools and one of the GIS data outputs from SABER, Robbie launched this app.  The image is from Monday, at the height of the impact on Georgia.

Virtual Business Emergency Operations Center

Developed for the State of Illinois by Argonne National Laboratory, the VBEOC includes multiple means to accessess information, including XchangeCore.  The VBEOC is shown here during the Central United States Earthquake Consortium (CUSEC) CAPSTONE 14 earthquake exercise.

ArcGIS Online Feature Layer from GeoJSON Source

The GeoJSON data format source was especially created for ArcGIS Online users The GeoJSON output of SABER status information allows an ArcGIS Online Feature Layer to be created which can be editable and configured to visualize easily all the different types of closures provided to SABER through XchangeCore. 

FEMA GeoPortal Analysis

The FEMA GeoPortal consumes data from XchangeCore showing business disruptions.  In this case, the analysis of various statewide and local business closures in Hurricane Irma shows the type of assessment possible when XchangeCore information is used in conjunction with end-user applications.

Trends in Business Disruption and Restoration in Hurricane Irma  

At the request of FEMA's National Business Emergency Operations Center, SABER created the time-series analysis to suggest trending of closures and then restoration.  The chart shows business disruptions or closures throughout Hurricane Irma from September 8 through September 15 and what business locations stayed open and how those that closed reopened over time. 

Google Earth

XchangeCore provides a native KML feed that is consumed by Google Earth as a Network Link.  In seconds any XchangeCore for which you have access credentials can be added to Google Earth.  Shown here is a nationwide view including live traffic information in Delaware and a simulated earthquake for an exercise in California. 

Northeast Ohio Common Operating Picture

This Flex-based viewer was developed by Lake County GIS department for the Northeast Ohio regional area and fusion center.  Incorporating many GIS layers of background information, the NEO-COP relies on XchangeCore for transactional operations information from an increasing number of sources.