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Use the Source Code

XchangeCore is a three-tier, web service architecture that includes the Data Layer, Orchestration Layer, and Presentation Layer as illustrated above. The XchangeCore Open Source Library uses GitHub, the world's largest open source community. On GigHub all the open source code is available to modify the Orchestration Layer and to connect to both the Presentation Layer and the Data Layer.

The XchangeCore open source code constitutes the Orchestration Layer software and consists of Domain Services, Infrastructure Services, and integration with databases, communication, and security authentication web service software.  

XchangeCore Connector open source code consists of examples of connectors developed for a variety of different applications and data sources integrated with XchangeCore web services.  The connector code has been contributed by members of the community and the objective of sharing the code is to expand the use of XchangeCore and speed the way for more applications to become XchangeCore empowered.

​Connector code varies by application but is generally available in Java and C# for the Dot Net environment with an increasing body of code in JavaScript.  The XchangeCore source code language is Java.

Feel free to explore the XchangeCore GitHub, but if you would like to get the benefit of participation and collaboration in the XchangeCore Community, please let us know about your project. 

A Few Community Code-Sharing Examples

  • Florida Division of Emergency Management developed a Python script to convert XchangeCore incidents into ArcGIS Geodatabase.
  • Queensland, Australia developed code to ingest multiple GIS data formats.
  • Lake County, Ohio developed Flex Viewer widgets to display incidents and observations.
  • WebEOC and the XchangeCore team developed connectors for several WebEOC Boards.
  • California Earthquake Clearinghouse used FEMA earthquake funding to develop the ArcGIS Online Connector.
  • University of Illinois-Chicago in three successive graduate classes developed the prototype for the XchangeCore GeoJSON source output which was then made production-quality by SpotOnResponse LLC with funding from the California Earthquake Clearinghouse.

Request the Code or Register Your Project Today

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Get the Installation Package

The downloaded installation package gives you all the code to run XchangeCore. Unlike the source code which is intended for those who want to program XchangeCore or connectors, this "executable" code lets you operate XchangeCore. It is just like other software that you download to a computer, install, and run.

The installation procedure for XchangeCore is straightforward. The installation asks you a few questions about your network and the location of XchangeCore, asks you to provide unique username and passwords for security, and then it installs several web components. That's all there is to it. If you are installing on a network server, your IT department will know exactly what to do for an XchangeCore installation.

XchangeCore can be deployed in many different configurations to meet your information exchange concept of operations. For example, a single XchangeCore can serve multiple agencies in a jurisdiction. Or each agency or jurisdiction could have its own core to provide greater flexibility in exchange agreements.

XchangeCore can operate on your organization's network, it could be hosted by your government or corporate data center, or it can be hosted in the Cloud by a a hosting company. In one state, multiple state agencies have their own XchangeCores, more than three dozen county emergency management agencies have their own cores, and 16 counties all share two cores.

How you deploy XchangeCore is completely dependent on your IT infrastructure and your concept of information exchange. XchangeCore adapts to your needs. Installation of XchangeCore executable code is available at no cost to responder agencies as part of a program sponsored by SpotOnResponse LLC, a founder of the XchangeCore Open Source Community and the Department of Homeland Security. 

XchangeCore Code consists of two components:  XchangeCore Web Services Data Orchestration and XchangeCore Connectors.  Both sets of software code are available under open source license.  The purpose of providing XchangeCore as open source code is to enable the XchangeCore Community to (a) connect external applications and data sources to XchangeCore and (b) improve the functioning of XchangeCore through enhanced features for the benefit of the entire Community.​